Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show Statement

All In Together Now is an exhibition showcasing the work, lives and dedication of twelve extremely talented and gifted artists from New York, Vancouver, Toronto and Oakland. They have all played an integral role in the contribution to the process and vitality of the Lifetime Collective. This show is a celebration of their current work that revolves around illustration, paint and sculpture. Individually, they have spanned the world with their artwork, showing in galleries from Stockholm, New York, Tokyo and Paris. It’s their self-expression, work ethic, commitment and love that truly bring us together.

The Lifetime Collective is a clothing company based in Vancouver, B.C. They are a group of friends coming together in a collaborative effort to create what is now Lifetime Clothing. Working with people with an array of talents from all mediums; together they are able to help each other cross over by using their different skills and creativity in new and exciting ways. They feel the possibilities are endless and look forward to the road ahead. It’s a “Work In Progress” of sorts as they are never finished and ever changing, giving them the ability to adjust and adapt to new environments.

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